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Mask Manufacturing Cleanrooms

In order to meet FDA sterility requirements for medical usage masks must be manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom.

Mask Cleanroom Design Options

  • American Cleanroom Systems® modular cleanroom walls to allow regular cleaning. Most commonly FRP, melamine, or vinyl
  • Gown room/airlock to change into and store cleanroom garment
  • HEPA fan filter units to for ISO rated cleanroom classification
  • Recirculating design to maximize filtration effectiveness
  • Magnehelic gauge to monitor cleanroom pressure
  • Dedicated AC to create a controlled T environment
  • Cleanroom compatible flooring

Masks made in American Cleanroom Systems cleanroom installed in Texas.

Fast Delivery!

5/1/2020: American Cleanroom Systems® delivers a 2,208 SF ISO-8 modular cleanroom for CV-19 mask manufacturer in 2 weeks.

9/2/2020: American Cleanroom Systems® delivers a 2,677 SF ISO-8 modular cleanroom for CV-19 mask cleanroom in 2.5 weeks.

11/12/2020: American Cleanroom Systems® completes manufacturing for 1,500 SF ISO-8 modular cleanroom for mask manufacturing in 2 weeks.

Testimonios de Clientes

We purchased our current clean-room system from American Cleanroom Systems. Their level of professionalism and ease to work with made the task of building a custom cleanroom a breeze. We highly recommend them.

Chris 2,208 SF ISO-8 Mask Manufacturing Cleanroom

American Cleanroom Systems

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