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Cleanroom Installation: What to Expect

The beauty of modular cleanrooms is all components are prefabricated in the factory so on-site assembly is very fast. Installation can be as little as one-third the time of conventional stick-built construction. There is no on-site cutting, plastering, or painting required which results in a very clean install process. The modular cleanroom is just screwed together on-site.

What Are My Choices For Cleanroom Doors

These cleanroom gown room doors will be the most used doors in the cleanroom. They are typically kept as small as possible (3 ft wide) to limit the amount of contaminated air that can enter the cleanroom. Swing doors should have door closers to make sure the doors close when not in use.

Modular Cleanrooms vs. Standard Construction Cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms use prefabricated components and dedicated installers significantly reducing the time to build a cleanroom. A dedicated design-build modular cleanroom company is typically responsible for all elements of the modular cleanroom project.
800 SF, ISO8, Softwall Cleanroom

Modular vs. Softwall Cleanroom Systems

The purpose of this blog is to help you choose between a modular cleanroom and softwall cleanroom.

Eight Tips To Expedite Your Cleanroom Design Build

Congratulations – you are building a cleanroom. In order to keep your cleanroom project – on time, on budget and ensure it meets all technical requirements we have put together eight tips.
American Cleanroom Systems

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