Mask Manufacturing Cleanrooms by American Cleanroom Systems®

In order to meet FDA sterility requirements for medical usage masks must be manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom.

Mask Cleanroom Design Options

  • American Cleanroom Systems® modular cleanroom walls to allow regular cleaning. Most commonly FRP, melamine, or vinyl.
  • Gown room/airlock to change into and store cleanroom garment
  • HEPA fan filter units to for ISO rated cleanroom classification
  • Recirculating design to maximize filtration effectiveness
  • Magnehelic gauge to monitor cleanroom pressure
  • Dedicated AC to create a controlled T environment
  • Cleanroom compatible flooring

Masks made in American Cleanroom Systems cleanroom installed in Texas.

Fast Delivery!

5/1/2020: American Cleanroom Systems® delivers a 2,208 SF ISO-8 modular cleanroom for CV-19 mask manufacturer in 2 weeks.

9/2/2020: American Cleanroom Systems® delivers a 2,677 SF ISO-8 modular cleanroom for CV-19 mask cleanroom in 2.5 weeks.

11/12/2020: American Cleanroom Systems® completes manufacturing for 1,500 SF ISO-8 modular cleanroom for mask manufacturing in 2 weeks. 

Customer Testimonials

We purchased our current clean-room system from American Cleanroom Systems. Their level of professionalism and ease to work with made the task of building a custom cleanroom a breeze. We highly recommend them.

Chris 2,208 SF ISO-8 Mask Manufacturing Cleanroom

We have had 6 FDA audits this year. Two of them surprise. They always attack the cleanroom but it always passes with flying colors. Our cleanrooms are robust and have worked great since ACS installed them in 2003.

Eric, Implantable Medical Product, IS07 600 S.F. T RH Control, Woburn, MA
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