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Cleanroom Construction

Turnkey Cleanroom Construction: American Cleanroom Systems® has been a leader in cleanroom construction since 1976.  We offer design build modular cleanrooms for economical, fast, state of the art cleanroom solutions. Our cleanroom construction capabilities include:

  • PE stamped structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings for building permits
  • Cleanroom walls and plenum
  • Cleanroom ceiling and lighting
  • Cleanroom flooring
  • Cleanroom HEPA filtration and return air walls
  • Cleanroom HVAC
  • Equipment mezzanines
  • Cleanroom air showers, pass thru’s, interlocks
  • Cleanroom certification

Experienced Cleanroom Construction Crews: Our factory installers travel nationwide to install your cleanroom. American Cleanroom Systems holds contractor licenses in California, Arizona, Washington and Iowa. We also install in Mexico, Central America and Latin America.

Safe Construction: American Cleanroom Systems has robust cleanroom construction safety program

  • Avetta certified since 2017
  • OSHA30 training
  • Forklift and scissor lift certification
  • Electrical wiring by licensed electricians
  • HVAC by licensed mechanical subcontractors
  • Optional Job Hazard Analysis plans (national labs)
  • Optional Environmental, Health and Safety plans (national labs)

Fast Construction: American Cleanroom Systems modular cleanroom construction methods provide economical, safe and fast construction of your cleanroom. Our experienced factory construction crews are expert on installation of cleanroom modular walls, cleanroom plenum, cleanroom ceiling, and cleanroom filtration. We closely coordinate our work with sprinkler, electrical, and flooring subcontractors to achieve fast delivery.

Quality: Since we are also the cleanroom manufacturer, American Cleanroom Systems® we can ensure the quality and on-time delivery of cleanroom material prior to construction. All material is prefabricated and cut to size prior to shipment to job site. This modular approach allows our crews to quickly install your cleanroom.

Watch our video to see how quickly an American Cleanroom System modular cleanroom
is assembled.

Cleanroom Certification: After completion of cleanroom construction, our factory construction crew will wipe down the cleanroom, adjust cleanroom differential pressure, and collect data like as built particle test to complete the cleanroom certification to ISO9001 or FED209E standards.

FAQs About Cleanroom Construction:

Q: Does American Cleanroom Systems Only Construct Modular Cleanrooms?

A: In addition to modular cleanrooms, American Cleanroom Systems also builds hybrid cleanrooms (stick built walls combined with cleanroom ceiling and HEPA FFUs), softwall cleanrooms.

Q: Can I Assemble the Modular Cleanroom Myself?

A: Yes – for smaller cleanrooms or international projects it is common for customer to either assemble the cleanroom themselves or hire local carpenter to assemble the cleanroom to save money and time. American Cleanroom Systems offers material only modular cleanrooms along with assembly instructions.

Q: Does Your Cleanroom Construction Meet ISO9001 and Fed209E Cleanroom Classifications?

A: Yes - Our cleanrooms are designed and built to meet ISO9001 and Fed209E cleanrooms classifications. When our crew complete construction they conduct as built particle test and certify the cleanroom. Our cleanroom particle test systems are calibrated annually with NIST traceable standard.

Q: Do You Build Medical Devices Cleanrooms?

A: American Cleanroom Systems is expert on pharmaceutical, medical device, and industrial cleanrooms. Our blue chip customer list includes Roche Diagnostics, Allergan, Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Los Alamos National Labs, Brookhaven National Lab, US Air Force, US Army, and US Navy.

Q: Do You Include HVAC and Flooring in Cleanroom Construction?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offer turn key design build cleanrooms. This means cleanroom construction includes modular cleanroom, HEPA filtration, cleanroom HVAC, cleanroom flooring, electrical wiring, and testing. 

Q: Do You Do Government Cleanroom Construction Projects?

A: Since 1976 American Cleanroom Systems has completed numerous demanding government cleanroom projects including NIST, Oak Ridge National Lab, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Naval Research Laboratory,  NASA Cape Canaveral, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ARMY CERL, US Navy Norfolk Naval Yard, China Lake Naval Station, US Coast Guard, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and Texas A&M University.

Q: Do You Provide Cleanroom Construction of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Cleanrooms?

A: Yes, American Cleanroom Systems has extensive experience providing tight temperature and RH cleanrooms. Our cleanroom product offering includes industrial size humidifiers, dehumidifiers, boilers, chillers, air handlers and HVAC control systems.

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