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American Cleanroom Systems® has been a world leader in modular clean room construction since 1976. Modular cleanroom construction makes for a flexible and cost effective clean room solution. American Cleanroom Systems® proprietary modular wall system is a non-progressive demountable design that offers flexibility for future clean room expansion and/or modification.

Our superior modular walls are prefabricated and factory engineered to accommodate all cleanroom requirements. Prefabricated modular cleanroom walls can be designed as a totally freestanding self-contained room or in conjunction with existing walls.

Aluminum honeycomb panels are the most popular modular cleanroom panels used in electronics clean room construction because they are non out-gassing, non-particle shedding, anti-static, and non-combustible. Modular wall panels made of FRP (reinforced plastic) and HPL (high pressure laminate) are used most often in pharmaceutical, USP 797 compounding rooms, and medical device clean rooms. These panels can withstand repeated cleaning and sanitizing without breaking down.

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Since we are also the clean room manufacturer American Cleanroom Systems® has a greater control of project quality, scheduling, and costs. With our own manufacturing facilities we can provide you with OEM prices and OEM products along with our in-house design and engineering to give you the best and most responsible solutions obtainable in the industry. Another cost savings to consider when choosing modular construction is that modular cleanrooms are considered a piece of equipment, not a part of the existing structure. Modular clean rooms have a tax advantage because they can be depreciated at an accelerated rate.

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