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Cleanroom Certification

American Cleanroom Systems – your expert Southern California source for cleanroom testing and certification.
We have more than 40 years of experience building, testing, and certifying cleanrooms.

Call Tony at 949 589 5656 or email to schedule your certification.

Call Tony at 949 589 5656 or Email to schedule your certification.

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Standard Certification:

  • Class 100-100k, ISO5-8
  • Per ISO 14644-1, ISO14644-2, and FS209E
  • Using NIST traceable calibrated instruments
  • Particle count
  • Room differential air pressure
  • Detailed test report with data map
  • Mountable inspection certificate

Optional Certification (must be requested at time of quote):

  • Temperature map
  • Humidity map
  • Individual HEPA FFU air flow with Velgrid
  • Lighting intensity map (foot-candles at 3’ AFF)
  • Sound map (decibels)

Our Equipment:

  • Shortridge 860C Air Data manometer with Velgrid for individual hepafilter flow measurement
  • Hach 3413 particle counter
  • Met One BT 637 particle counter with temperature and humidity
  • Tondaj LX1010B digital light meter
  • Climet 150T laser particle counter

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for getting Paulina out here to complete the testing for us this week, much appreciated. Feedback from my team was that she was great to work with.

Michael | 2,973 S.F. ISO-8 Reno, NV

Thank you for the great service …. I look forward for American Clean Room to conduct the certification next year.

Mario |  200 S.F. Class 1000, San Diego, CA

Perfect (report). Thank you as always.

Jared | Pharma, 224 S.F. ISO-8 Irvine, CA

FAQs About Cleanroom Certification

Q: How Often Do I Need To Get My Cleanroom Tested?
A: This depends upon your quality assurance procedures. Most people test annually. Some industries like pharmaceutical manufacturing do clean room testing and certification every 6 months. However, anytime you have reasonable cause, you should have your cleanroom tested. For example, you just completed an area expansion or there was a contamination event.
Q: Why Call American Cleanroom Systems To Do My Cleanroom Certification?
A: Our engineers and technicians are experts on cleanroom testing and certification. Our equipment is calibrated annually with NIST traceable standards. We don’t use hand held particle counters. Our bench-top equipment ensures you get accurate results.
Q: I Am Not Located in Southern California. Will You Come Test My Cleanroom?
A: Yes – we travel nationally and to Mexico to do cleanroom certifications.
Q: How Soon Can You Come To Test and Certify My Cleanroom?
A: We will do our best to accommodate you.
Q: How Long Will Testing My Cleanroom Take?
A: It depends how many rooms we need to test. We take a minimum of 10 particle counts per room, so budget at least 20 minutes per room.
Q: How Can I Prepare My Cleanroom To Get the Best Results?
A: The room should be thoroughly wiped down before testing. If possible, we recommend that the room be left vacant for at least 2 hours before the test. No operators should be working in the vicinity of the area being tested.
Q: What Will I Get in My Cleanroom Certification Test Report?
A: The report will describe the room(s) being tested, equipment used to test the room, and test results. In addition, the cleanroom certification report will include recommendations on needed maintenance or procedures to help maintain the room at desired class.
Q: Do You Certify Laminar Flow Benches and Fume Hoods?
A: We only certify cleanrooms. We do not certify equipment.
Q: Do You Provide FDA Certification?
A: American Cleanroom Systems does particle testing to certify cleanroom class. We do not provide FDA certification or validation.
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