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Cleanroom Product Testing

American Cleanroom Systems offers cleanroom product testing. 

Our cleanroom experts will:

  • Review cleanroom product material for suitability of use in cleanroom.
  • Review cleanroom assembly procedure for suitability of use in cleanroom.
  • Review finished product for suitability in use in cleanroom.
  • Perform at rest particle test of product in cleanroom.
  • Perform in use particle test of product in cleanroom.

The cleanroom product certification report will include analysis results, particle test data, and certification of what cleanroom classification (ISO14644-1/Fed Std 209E) the tested product is suitable for. 

Moisture / Chemical resistance testing not included. FDA validation not included.

To request a cleanroom product test quote contact or call 949-589-5656.

ISO-146441 cleanroom classification table
Figure 1. Cleanroom Classifications
cleanroom engineer, cleanroom bunny suit
Figure 2. Cleanroom Engineer
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