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Cleanroom Hardware

American Cleanroom Systems® Hardware Options

To make your cleanroom function precisely, a wide array of clean room equipment options are available. Our products are of the highest grade materials and are designed to minimize particulate contamination.

HEPA Fan Filter Units
  • UL listed
  • Basic or Room Side Replaceable
  • HEPA 99.99% efficient at 0.3 um
  • ULPA 99.9995% efficient at 0.12 um
  • 3 speed AC, variable speed AC for constant flow, and low energy DC options
  • Quiet operation 51 DBA
  • Aluminum housing
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Painted and stainless steel housing options
  • 120V, 230V and 277V 50/60 HZ option
  • Room side challenge ports option
  • Remote speed control option

American Cleanroom Systems® Cleanroom Lighting

Cleanroom 100 or 1000 Rated
  • Cleanroom LED or Fluorescent trouffer
  • For 1″, 1.5″, or 2″ T-Bar Ceiling
  • T-Hinge and Spring Loaded Latch
  • All Parts Are Fitted and Sealed
  • Welded And Painted After Fabrication
  • LED 50,000 hour life, 50% energy savings
LED Flat Panel
  • 4000K or 5000K
Tear Drop Cleanroom Lights
UV Block Tubes
  • Amber
  • Dark Red

FAQs About Cleanroom Hardware

Q: What is a HEPA fan filter unit?

A: A HEPA fan filter unit is a HEPA filter with a motorized fan and motor controller. They allow for distributed air filtration to be placed in the cleanroom ceiling  /plenum providing filtered air throughout the cleanroom without ducting to each HEPA filter.

Recirculating modular cleanroom with plenum and HEPA fan filters units
Figure 1. Recirculating modular cleanroom with plenum and HEPA fan filters units

Q: What did people use before the HEPA fan filter unit?

A: Cleanrooms used customer air handlers to push air thru HEPA filters. This required extensive ducting and regular balancing. It was a very expensive and high maintenance design. 

80’s old design cleanroom with air handler and ducted HEPA filters
Figure 1. 1980’s old design cleanroom with air handler and ducted HEPA filters

Q: What is an RSR HEPA fan filter unit?

A: RSR stands for Room Side Replaceable. In some applications the customer chooses to replace their HEPA filters very frequently (for example: once a year). The RSR design allows the customer to remove just the HEPA filter of a fan filter unit, leaving the fan and electrical wiring in place. This reduces the time cost and changing the HEPA filter.

Q: What is difference between normal trouffer light and cleanroom trouffer light?

A: Normal commercial lights have factory knockouts for wiring that would allow contamination to enter they cleanroom. Cleanroom trouffer lights are sealed with no knockouts.

Q: What does 4000K and 5000K stand for in cleanroom light specification?

A: Kelvin is the thermodynamic temperature of light. For LED lights 4000K temperature corresponds to off-white. 5000K is whiter and appears brighter.

Q: What are tear drops lights?

A: Tear drop lights are mounted on 2 inch ceiling grid and allow a cleanroom to have 100% HEPA ceiling coverage. They are used for the most demanding class 100 or better cleanrooms.

Q: Why do some cleanrooms have amber colored lights?

A:  Semiconductor cleanrooms perform photolithography operations that are light sensitive. They use amber filters to block wavelengths that would expose the photoresist and ruin the pattern.

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