Cleanroom Hardware

To make your cleanroom function precisely, a wide array of clean room equipment options are available. Our products are of the highest grade materials and are designed to minimize particulate contamination. Factory direct cleanroom equipment includes Airshowers, Pass- Thrus, Laminar Flow Work Stations, Fume Hoods, Clean Room Light Fixtures, HEPA Filters, Replacement HEPA Filters, Ionizing equipment, and Softwall enclosures.

HEPA Fan Filter Units


  • UL listed
  • Basic or Room Side Replaceable
  • HEPA 99.99% efficient at 0.3 um
  • ULPA 99.9995% efficient at 0.12 um
  • 3 speed AC, variable speed AC for constant flow , and low energy DC  options
  • Quiet operation 51 DBA
  • Aluminum housing
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Painted and stainless steel housing options
  • 120V, 230V and 277V 50/60 HZ option
  • Room side challenge ports option
  • Remote speed control option

Cleanroom Lighting

Cleanroom 100-10,000 Rated Lighting


  • Class 100/1000 Clean Room
  • Luminaire
  • For 1″, 1.5″, or 2″ T-Bar Ceiling
  • T-Hinge and Spring Loaded Latch
  • All Parts Are Fitted and Sealed
  • Welded And Painted After Fabrication
  • LED 50,000 hour life, 50% energy savings
  • LED Flat panel lighting

Cleanroom Wall Pass Through

Standard Wall Pass Thru

  • Interlocked
  • Standard Size
    • 2x2x2 Nominal
    • Custom Sizes Are Available
  • Standard Material
    • Plastic Laminate
    • Acrylic Doors
  • Custom Material Available