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Cleanroom Installation

American Cleanroom Systems® are designed and detailed for ease of clean room installation and functionality, while maintaining modular flexibility. Whether you are adding-on, modifying an existing facility, or constructing a new facility, the proper wall system and materials are available to suit your specific application.

For the Quickest, Easiest Cleanroom Construction, American Cleanroom Systems Brings You:

  • Modular Field Assembly
  • Modular Pre-assembly
  • Soft Wall Construction
  • Conventional Hard Wall Construction

Our system can be integrated with a wide range of new or existing systems to coordinate any cleanroom facility or manufacturing environment. Simplified construction methods and our non-progressive system will help minimize overall construction time, lessen the impact on your current production, and provide you with flexibility to add-on or change your cleanroom configuration with ease.

All our materials and assemblies are evaluated according to code and regulatory compliance, acoustical and thermal performance, as well as chemical and abrasion resistance.

Turn-Key Cleanroom Installation

American Cleanroom’s installation crews offer on-site support during construction that brings “Turn-Key” experience to your project. We can mobilize our team to your assignment anywhere across the U.S. and the world.

Our highly experienced installation crews offer complete installation for modular and conventional construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler systems, standard and access flooring, plus cleanroom testing and certification. American Cleanroom Systems is a state licensed contractor for the added security and protection of your project.

We offer “construction supervision” with complete turn-key installation to provide you the precise level of support needed.


I was down there this morning and things looked in good shape. The ACS crew has done a great job getting it done well and in a timely manner!

Brian 2,400 S.F. Nutraceutical ISO-8 cleanroom Charlotte NC

Excellent job. Your installers were clean, organized and worked very fast. I am very happy with final results: our new cleanroom.

LJ 252 S.F. Industrial Class 100k Fremont CA

The install went very well! As always, John is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for coordinating our schedules with us. We are running production as of this morning, just as planned!

Dan, Medical Device 3,000 S.F. Class 10k NJ

Good quality clean rooms at reasonable prices, and you guys were easy to work with.

Gayle, Medical Device, 5 ISO7 and 4 ISO8 cleanrooms over past 10 years totaling 9,681 S.F. , Laguna Niguel, CA

Your team is chugging right along. We really appreciate their time and efforts. The cleanroom is looking phenomenal!

Jordan, 840 S.F. ISO-8 Hybrid Cleanroom, USMC Hospital, Palm Desert, CA

FAQs About Cleanroom Installation

Q: Why Use Factory Modular Cleanroom Installers?

A: American Cleanroom factory installers are specially trained in modular cleanroom installation. They travel from our factory to your jobsite. Our more experienced installers have been doing installations for over 30 years. This training and expertise allows them to install modular cleanrooms faster, to higher quality, and in a very clean manner to ensure your cleanroom project is on-budget, on-time and meets all specifications.

Q: What Are My Flooring Options for Cleanroom Installation?

A: The most popular cleanroom flooring choices are epoxy, heat welded vinyl or industrial VCT tiles.  For smaller projects, industrial VCT tiles can be applied by the customer or an epoxy layer can be painted over existing concrete. For heat welded vinyl or larger cleanroom projects, a 3rd party flooring subcontractor is used.

Q: How Is Air Conditioning Installed in a Cleanroom?

A: For most cleanrooms, we use DX split system. The air handler typically is placed on top of the cleanroom and the compressor is placed outside on the roof of the warehouse. The supply air from the air handler feeds into the plenum. The return air is brought back to the air handler by ducts located in plenum near return air walls. For smaller cleanrooms (or temporary cleanrooms), wall AC units can be placed into the plenum to provide cooling. For large cleanrooms with tight temperature and humidity requirements, more expensive boiler and chiller systems are used with custom air handlers for each room.   

Q: How Big Are the Cleanroom Wall Panels When Installing a Modular Cleanroom?

A: Standard cleanroom modular wall panels are 4’x10’. However, the cleanroom wall panels can be stacked to give the cleanroom height as high as 24’.  For taller modular cleanroom structures, steel columns and c-channel beams are used to provide additional structural strength.

Q: What Is the Largest Size Modular Cleanroom That Can Be Installed?

A: There is no limit to maximum size of modular cleanroom. Recently American Cleanroom Systems completed modular cleanroom projects of class 100/ISO-5 4,426 SF, 11,453 SF class 100k/ISO-8, and 19,000 SF class 1000/ISO-6. 

Q: How Do I Move My Equipment Into the Cleanroom After Installation Is Complete?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offers custom single doors, double doors, and motorized roll-up doors for easy move-in of equipment after the cleanroom is complete. It is also easy to remove modular panels to create a large opening to bring in equipment. 

Q: Can Windows Be Installed as Part of My Modular Cleanroom?

A: Modular cleanrooms offer multiple window options. The most popular options are 44”W x 40”H standard modular half window or floor to ceiling 44”x 90” standard modular windows. Window options include tempered glass, polycarbonate, and UV block amber tinting.

Q: How Is Electrical Wiring Installed in a Modular Cleanroom?

A: The ACS 2” and 3” modular wall systems include built in electrical raceways in the anodized aluminum connecting posts for electrical outlets, light switches, and data ports in the cleanroom. The electrician will run plenum rated cable in the cleanroom plenum to provide power to HEPA fan filter units, lights, and electrical outlets.

Q: How Are Sprinklers Installed in a Cleanroom?

A: Typically, the existing overhead sprinkler system is extended into the cleanroom. Sprinkler mains are installed in the cleanroom plenum and push thru sprinkler heads are used. Alternatively for class 100 / ISO-5 cleanrooms, special sprinklers can be installed on 2” cleanroom ceiling grid so sprinklers do not affect a HEPA Fan Filter unit layout.

Q: Why Is Lateral Bracing as Part of My Cleanroom Installation?

A: State building codes require seismic bracing to ensure the modular cleanroom will not collapse in the event of an earthquake, natural gas explosion or if the cleanroom is hit by a forklift. Typically, the cleanroom is braced with steel studs to existing building.

Q: How Are Cleanrooms Initially Made Clean?

A: Cleanrooms are often assembled using modular components (modular cleanroom) to eliminate dirty activities like cutting, grinding, sanding, and painting. The HEPA fan filter units and modular walls are shipped from the factory with protective plastic covers that are left on until the final clean. If the concrete cleanroom floor needs to be grinded prior to installation of epoxy or heat welded vinyl, then the flooring installer will cover the walls and ceiling with Visqueen plastic to protect them from contamination. The cleanroom jobsite is typically cleaned regularly with HEPA vacs and wet mopped to prevent dirt build up on floor. When a modular cleanroom assembly is complete, the cleanroom crew will remove plastic protective sheeting from walls, ceiling, and HEPA fan filter units. Then they will wipe down the modular walls, windows, doors etc with isopropyl impregnated Text-wipes and mop the floors prior to turning the cleanroom on and as built particle testing.

Q: Can I Install a Modular Cleanroom on My Own?

A: Often purchasers of smaller modular cleanrooms 10x10, 10x20 ISO-8 choose to assemble the modular cleanroom themselves to save time and money. Since modular cleanroom walls, connecting posts, doors and roof deck are prefabricated in the factory, the customer can assemble the pieces like a LEGO set using an electric drill to screw the components together. Other customers hire a local carpenter to assemble the cleanroom.

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