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” ISO-7 modular cleanroom exterior, cleanroom doors, gown room

We have a fully functional demonstration cleanroom at our factory in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (South Orange County).

You are invited to come visit the American Cleanroom Systems team and see our demonstration cleanroom, where you can see:

Cleanroom Filtration options

  • HEPA fan filter unit Standard 2x4 Mac10 original 3 speed
  • HEPA fan filter unit Mac10 LEDC solid state control Room Side Replaceable RSR

Cleanroom door options

  • 3’x7’ Aluminum Storefront door
  • Standard cleanroom door with 20”x24” window

Cleanroom ceiling options

  • 2” painted aluminum cleanroom ceiling grid (hanger wire)
  • 2” painted aluminum cleanroom ceiling grid (rod and turnbuckle) CGMP
  • 1” painted steel ceiling grid
  • Vinyl cleanroom ceiling tiles
  • Painted aluminum cleanroom ceiling tiles

Cleanroom 1”, 2” and 3” wall options

  • Core: Honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, polyurethane and polystyrene
  • Surfaces – melamine, FRP, painted aluminum, conductive painted aluminum, and stainless steel
  • Vinyl on gyp board with polystyrene core
  • Clear vinyl softwall
  • Cleanroom Coved anodized aluminum corner post
  • Cleanroom anodized aluminum connecting posts with built in electrical raceway

Cleanroom window options

  • Standard 40’x44’ cleanroom window
  • CGMP coved window sill
  • Floor to ceiling 40”x90” window

Cleanroom lighting

  • Flat panel LED

Cleanroom flooring

  • Heat welded vinyl
  • Heat welded vinyl with 4” integral cove

Cleanroom air pressure monitoring options

  • Analog Magnehelic gauge

Cleanroom CGMP monitoring system

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Cleanroom room pressure
  • Visual alarm
  • Audio alarm
  • Optional email and text message
  • Data storage and export

Cleanroom Class 100 laminar flow bench          

Call 949-589-5656 or email to schedule your visit

FAQs About Demo Cleanrooms

Q: What Is A Cleanroom HEPA Fan Filter Unit?

A: A HEPA fan filter unit is a filter placed into the ceiling of the cleanroom which removes particles from the air being passed into the cleanroom. It typically consists of 2x4 HEPA filter and a fan that pushes the air thru the filter.

Q: Why Are There Different Kind Of Cleanroom Ceiling Grids?

A: ISO-5/class 100 cleanrooms use 2” ceiling grid to allow 100% HEPA ceiling coverage since 2” grid allows cleanroom lights and sprinklers to be mounted on the grid.  Other cleanrooms use aluminum cased barrier ceiling grid for corrosion resistance.  Some cleanrooms use FRP ceiling grid to avoid having metal in the cleanroom. Standard one inch painted steel ceiling grid is the choice of cost conscious cleanroom customers.

Q: Why Are There Different Kinds Of Cleanroom Wall Systems?

A: Different customer cleanroom wall needs include chemical resistance, static dissipative, impact resistance and cost. Cleanroom manufacturers use melamine, vinyl, FRP, painted aluminum, stainless steel and static dissipative painted aluminum surfaces to meet these needs.

Q: What Is A Cleanroom Monitoring System?

A: A cleanroom monitoring system measures the cleanroom’s temperature, room air pressure, and humidity. The cleanroom monitoring systems have digital readouts, record the data and has capability to transmit the data to facilities build management system.

Q: What Is A Cleanroom Heat Welded Vinyl Floor?

A: A heat welded cleanroom vinyl floor eliminates cracks and crevices that bacteria can grow in. It has excellent chemical resistance, durability and is easy to clean. It is the preferred flooring for pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Q: What Is A Cleanroom Vinyl Floor Cove?

A:Often cleanrooms run the heat welded vinyl flooring up the wall to form a 4” cove. This protects the cleanroom wall from the caustic chemicals used for cleaning the heat welded vinyl flooring.

Q: What Is A Cleanroom Magnehelic Gauge Used For?

A: A cleanroom magnehelic gauge measures the differential air pressure between the cleanroom and outside the cleanroom.  This allows the cleanroom operator to see that the HEPA fan filter units and air conditioning are functioning.

Q: What Is A Cleanroom Bench Or Laminar Flow Hood?

A: A cleanroom bench provides a higher class (typically ISO-5 or 6) work area. It has its own HEPA filter air source.

Q: What Is An RSR HEPA Fan Filter Unit?

A: RSR stands for room side removable. With an RSR HEPA fan filter unit the operator can remove and replace the HEPA filer of the HEPA fan filter unit with removing the fan and electrical sections.  This allows HEPA replacement without opening the plenum and letting dirty air into the cleanroom.

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