Modular Cleanrooms

American Cleanroom Systems is a full-service manufacturer, specializing in the rapid production and installation of superior quality custom Pharmaceutical, Medical and Industrial cleanrooms.

Our team can design, manufacture and install your certified modular cleanroom in as little as 4 weeks, on-site with minimum disruption.

Modular Cleanroom
ISO8 red American Cleanroom square
Cleanroom Flooring - Raised

Standard Built Cleanroom


Modular Cleanroom by American Cleanroom Systems®


* Example 1,600 S.F. cleanroom, time may change depending upon final design and material choices

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

  • Durable
  • Fast clean installation with minimum on-site disruption
  • Maintains value
  • Easily modified for expansion or repurposing

Custom Modular Cleanroom Options

Custom Modular Designs

  • Class 100 to 100k / ISO5 to ISO8 per ISO1 4664-1 and FDA STD 209E
  • One pass or recirculating
  • Temperature/Humidity environmental controls
  • Standard modular or ACS seamless pharmaceutical modular wall system
  • Custom floor plans
  • Custom Height: 7.5’  to 40’
  • Equipment mezzanines
  • Drawings and engineering calcs for permits

Wide Modular Material Options

  • Wall surfaces: Melamine, vinyl coated gypsum, FRP, glass,  polycarbonate, painted aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Wall core: honeycomb, urethane, polystyrene, or aluminum honeycomb
  • Doors: single, double, automatic sliding,  motorized roll up, interlock systems
  • Flooring: VCT, heat welded vinyl, epoxy, anti-static, and raised
  • Lighting: T-8, LED, tear drop, skylight tubes
  • Metal-free cleanrooms for mass spectrometer and trace metal labs

Modular Equipment Options

  • HEPA and ULPA fan filter units, standard and RSR
  • ACS2000 power saver, ACS3000 room monitoring system: T/RH/Air pressure
  • Air showers, pass thru’s

About Modular Cleanrooms

What is a Modular Cleanroom?

A Modular Cleanroom is a free-standing controlled-environment, constructed with solid panel walls and offers easy mobility or reconfiguration.

Who Uses Modular Cleanrooms?

Modular Cleanrooms are commonly used by facilities that manufacture and/or examine products that can be negatively affected by airborne contaminants.

How are Cleanrooms Classified?

Cleanroom class is determined by the number of particles per cubic foot (or meters cubed) and number of air changes per hour. HEPA filters and Airlocks prevent particles from entering a cleanroom.

ISO and FED ST Cleanroom Classifications and Requirements

Customer Testimonials

We have had 6 FDA audits this year. Two of them surprise. They always attack the cleanroom but it always passes with flying colors. Our cleanrooms are robust and have worked great since ACS installed them in 2003.

Eric, Implantable Medical Product, IS07 600 S.F. T RH Control, Woburn, MA

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