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Laser Cleanrooms

American Cleanroom Systems® is experienced in designing, manufacturing and installing laser cleanrooms

  • Laser curtains – light and heavy duty
  • Blackout curtains
  • Class 100-100k
  • T & RH control
  • Laser interlock systems / status lights warning signs
  • Amber and Dark Red cleanroom lighting
  • Black matte walls
  • Amber UV block window films

Recent American Cleanroom Systems® Laser Cleanroom Projects

Class 100 4,426 S.F.

  • T&RH control
  • Static dissipative raised floor
  • Amber and Dark Red UV block LED lightsAmber and Dark Red UV block LED lights

Class 10K 2,200 S.F.

  • T&RH control
  • Blackout curtains
  • Matte black walls
  • Black ceiling
  • Black doors
  • Laser interlock system / status lights

Class 1000 1,416 S.F.

  • Blackout curtains

Class 10K 675 S.F.

  • Blackout curtains
  • Laser interlock system / status lights
  • Comfort cooling

Non Classified 800 S.F.

  • Blackout curtains

Non Classified 306 S.F.

  • Blackout curtains

FAQs About Laser Cleanrooms

Q: Why do people use cleanrooms for laser experiments?

A: Particulates in air will diffuse laser beam reducing accuracy of measurements. The cleanroom removes particles from the air.

Q: What are common cleanroom light features of laser cleanrooms?

A: Laser cleanrooms often do experiments with lights off or with special photography red reduced lighting to make laser beam visible to operators and eliminate possible interference from room lighting.

Q: What are common safety features of laser cleanrooms?

A: Common laser cleanroom safety features include blackout curtains for windows,  blackout curtains around laser area, “laser on” signs outside the cleanroom, and interlock systems cut power to laser when door is opened.

Q: What are the different types of laser cleanroom blackout curtains?

A: Cleanroom laser blackout curtains types vary depending upon type and power level of laser and laser process. Metal foil inserts are often used to increase curtain resistance to laser beam. Chain weights can be added to ensure curtain seals to cleanroom floor.  Blackout curtains can be fixed or on roller track.

Q: Why is temperature and humidity control so important in some laser cleanrooms?

A: Some laser experiments are measuring nano-level differences which can be affected by temperature or humidity variations. 

Q: Why are cleanrooms important for laser manufacturing?

A: Certain medical devices and cleanroom consumables use lasers in their manufacturing practice. Common processes are laser welding and laser cutting. These manufacturing process require cleanroom environment to ensure good quality and cleanroom grade product. The cleanroom environment removes smoke and fumes that could block or disperse the laser beam. The cleanroom also help keep contamination off the laser lens.

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