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High Bay Cleanrooms

American Cleanroom Systems® is your expert design-build source for high bay cleanrooms. Our long experience building tall cleanrooms for NASA, JPL, Lockheed Martin, the US Navy and other aerospace organizations give us the expertise and experience to build your cleanroom project.

  • Internal ceilings up to 20’ high
  • Super-sized 15’ high motorized roll up doors
  • ISO-5 to ISO-8, class 100 to class 100k cleanrooms
  • Recirculating or one pass cleanroom
  • Air conditioning and humidity control
  • Floor to ceiling cleanroom windows
  • Equipment platforms for HVAC and other cleanroom equipment
  • Modular, softwall or hybrid wall designs
  • Removable roof openings

Recent American Cleanroom Systems High Bay cleanroom projects

940 S.F Aerospace cleanroom

  • 20’ internal cleanroom ceiling
  • ISO-8
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Comfort cooling 
  • 12’x15’ motorized roll up door

500 S.F. chemical filling cleanroom

  • 15’ internal cleanroom ceiling
  • ISO-7
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Comfort cooling
  • Cleanroom raised flooring
  • Interlocked motorized rollup doors

1536 S.F. industrial cleanroom                               

  • 14’ high
  • ISO-8
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • 15’x10’ motorized roll up door

800 S.F. National Lab

  • 18’ internal cleanroom ceiling
  • ISO-7
  •  Wall mounted HEPA filtration
  • Laminar flow tunnel

340 S.F. softwall cleanroom

  • 17’ internal ceiling
  • Clear vinyl strip curtain walls
  • Removable roof section
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency NOAOA
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FAQs About Cleanroom Classifications

Q: Can you build an ISO-5 high bay cleanroom?

A: Yes. However, since cleanroom classes are determined by air changes per hour if your cleanroom is twice as high it will require twice as much HEPA filtered air.

Q: What kind of doors are used for high bay cleanrooms?

A: Motorized vinyl roll up doors are most common. However large swing doors (10’x10’) or rolling doors can also be used.

Q: Who uses high bay cleanrooms?

A: NASA uses high bay cleanrooms for assembly of satellite and spacecraft. The aerospace industry is the largest user of high bay cleanrooms.

Q: Can I put a crane in my high bay cleanroom?

A: Bridge crane or jib cranes are the most common cranes in cleanrooms. If bridge cranes are used then the cleanroom must be designed without columns in the path of the crane. Special non particulating cleanroom cranes are used in cleanrooms.

Q: Do you need special lighting for high bay cleanrooms?

A: High bay cleanrooms require more lumens than equivalent S.F lower ceiling cleanrooms. Special care must be taken to to ensure that all levels and areas of the cleanroom are adequately illuminated.

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