Cleanroom Equipment

To make your cleanroom function precisely, a wide array of clean room equipment options are available. Our products are of the highest grade materials and are designed to minimize particulate contamination. Factory direct cleanroom equipment includes Airshowers, Pass- Thrus, Laminar Flow Work Stations, Fume Hoods, Clean Room Light Fixtures, HEPA Filters, Replacement HEPA Filters, Ionizing equipment, and Soft Wall enclosures.

American Cleanroom Systems® Cleanroom Equipment Options

Class 100 Cleanroom Work Station


  • Standard Size
    • 30″ D x 64″ W x 60″ H
  • With Table Top at 30″
  • 120v Light
  • 120v Powered HEPA
  • Also Available in 230v

Cleanroom Airshowers


  • Standard Sizes4x6
  • 4×8
  • 4×12
  • Standard MaterialPlastic Laminate
  • Custom Materials and Sizes Available
  • All Airshowers are made to order
  • Electronic interlock airshower systems in any configuration.

American Cleanroom Systems® Cleanroom Pass Through

Standard Pass Thru’s


  • Interlocked
  • Standard Size2x2x2 Nominal
  • Custom Sizes Are Available
  • Standard MaterialPlastic Laminate
  • Acrylic Doors

Cart Pass Thru’s


  • Aluminum framed tempered glass doors
  • Mechanical Interlocked
  • Optional HEPA FFU

Custom Pass Thru’s

  • Custom Materials and Sizes Built to Your Specifications

Conveyor Openings

  • Conveyor Openings

Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom Roll-up Doors


  • High Speed
  • Vision Panel

Cleanroom Automatic Sliding Doors


  • Single Door
  • Double Door
  • Infrared sensor or push-button

Other Equipment

Cleanroom Sink


  • Stainless Steel
  • Pedestal Operated Hands Free Design

Cleanroom Stainless Steel Bench


  • Bolted to the Floor
  • Available 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ ,7’ and 8’ wide

Cleanroom Door Interlock Systems


  • Magnetic door locks
  • Magnetic door sensor switches
  • NEMA 1 control panel enclosure with PLC control board
  • Emergency stop switch

Cleanroom Mezzanines


  • Equipment platforms
  • Storage
  • Office / control room
  • 50 psf to 125 psf
  • Engineering calcs and drawings for permits

Digital Differential Pressure Gauge


  • -0.1 to 0.1 inches W.C.
  • Audio alarm
  • 4-20 mA output

UV Disinfection Lamps


  • Surface Mount
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