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Cleanroom Equipment

To make your cleanroom function precisely, a wide array of clean room equipment options are available. Our products are of the highest grade materials and are designed to minimize particulate contamination. Factory direct cleanroom equipment includes Airshowers, Pass-Thrus, Laminar Flow Work Stations, Fume Hoods, Clean Room Light Fixtures, HEPA Filters, Replacement HEPA Filters, Ionizing equipment, and Soft Wall enclosures.

American Cleanroom Systems® Cleanroom Equipment Options

Class 100 Cleanroom Work Station
  • Standard Size: 30″ D x 64″ W x 60″ H
  • With Table Top at 30″
  • 120v Light
  • 120v Powered HEPA
  • Also Available in 230v
drawing cleanroom flow bench
Cleanroom Airshowers
  • Standard Sizes: 4x6, 4×8, 4×12
  • Standard Material: Plastic Laminate
  • Custom Materials and Sizes Available
  • All Airshowers are made to order
  • Electronic interlock airshower systems in any configuration

American Cleanroom Systems® Cleanroom Pass Through

Standard Pass Thru’s
  • Interlocked
  • Standard Size: 2x2x2 Nominal
  • Custom Sizes Are Available
  • Standard Material: Plastic Laminate
  • Acrylic Doors
Cart Pass Thru’s
  • Aluminum framed tempered glass doors
  • Mechanical Interlocked
  • Optional HEPA FFU
Custom Pass Thru’s
  • Custom Materials and Sizes Built to Your Specifications
Conveyor Openings
  • Conveyor Openings

Cleanroom Doors

Cleanroom Roll-up Doors
  • High Speed
  • Vision Panel
Cleanroom Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Single Door
  • Double Door
  • Infrared sensor or push-button

Other Equipment

Cleanroom Sink
  • Stainless Steel
  • Pedestal Operated Hands Free Design
Cleanroom Stainless Steel Bench
  • Bolted to the Floor
  • Available: 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ ,7’ and 8’ wide
Cleanroom Door Interlock Systems
  • Magnetic door locks
  • Magnetic door sensor switches
  • NEMA 1 control panel enclosure with PLC control board
  • Emergency stop switch
Cleanroom Mezzanines
  • Equipment platforms
  • Storage
  • Office / control room
  • 50 psf to 125 psf
  • Engineering calculations and drawings for permits
Digital Differential Pressure Gauge
  • -0.1 to 0.1 inches W.C.
  • Audio alarm
  • 4-20 mA output
UV Disinfection Lamps
  • Surface Mount
Cleanroom Ionizer Systems
  • Ceiling emitters designed to provide uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a cleanroom. Mounts on American Cleanroom Systems 2 inch cleanroom ceiling grid
  • Local ionizer systems for critical zones
ISO-5 Cleanroom Lift Cart
ISO5, cleanroom cart, cleanroom lift cart
ISO-5 Cleanroom Table
  • Electrical adjustable height
ISO5, cleanroom electrical adjustable height table

FAQs About cleanroom equipment

Q: What is difference between a cleanroom laminar flow bench and a cleanroom fume hood?

A: Cleanroom laminar flow benches blow HEPA filters air from either above or from back of bench to create a clean space. A cleanroom fume hood are for chemical users . They exhausts air and fumes out of the hood to the building exhaust system.

Q: What is cleanroom air shower?

A: A cleanroom air shower is a small room where workers are blown off with HEPA filtered air to clean particles of them before they enter the cleanroom. The air shower is typically located in the gown room so workers can put on their cleanroom garments before entering the air shower.

Q: How many people can fit into a cleanroom air shower?

A: Air showers can be as small as 4 ft. x 4 ft. and as large as 6 ft x20 ft. The smaller sizes are designed for 1 occupant and the large sizes for as many as 8 occupants.

Q: What is a cleanroom pass thru?

A: A cleanroom pass thru is a special chamber built into the cleanroom wall that allows you to pass material into or out of the cleanroom without entering the cleanroom. It has interlocked doors so only one door can be opened at a time to reduce the amount of particles that enter the cleanroom.

Q: Does my cleanroom pass thru need a HEPA fan filter unit?

A: For higher class (ISO-5, class 100, ISO-6, class 1000) cleanroom it is not uncommon to have HEPA fan filter unit on the pass thru if it opens from class 100 or 1000 space directly to outside the cleanroom. An alternative to adding the HEPA fan filter unit to the pass thru is to have the pass thru open from class 100 or 1000 space to the ISO-7 or ISO-8 gown room. Either method will prevent contaminants from entering the class 100 or class 1000 space.

Q: What is the challenge of cleanroom conveyor openings?

A: Cleanroom conveyors area typically use to move product from inside the cleanroom to outside the cleanroom. These openings can allow particulates to enter the cleanroom and reduce the cleanrooms positive pressure. Some people put strip curtains on the conveyor opening to block particulates. Other people use automated roll up doors on the conveyor opening so it is only open when the product passes thru the opening. A more effective option is have the conveyor run thru  a material transfer room with HEPA filtration so the cleanroom opening is not to outside the cleanroom.

Q: What are cleanroom rollup doors used for?

A: Cleanroom motorized roll up doors are most commonly used for larger sized cleanroom doors such as those used for bringing in large pieces of equipment or material. Advantages of motorized roll up doors is they can be very large (ex. 15’ wide by 15’ high) and they can be opened and closed quickly.

Q: Why do people install motorized cleanroom sliding doors?

A: Motorized sliding doors can be equipped with sensors so they open automatically when workers approach. This is very useful when are carrying material, pushing a cart, or don’t want to touch anything with their hands. Motorized sliding doors also open and close very quickly reducing the amount of particles that can enter the cleanroom.

Q: Why are cleanroom sinks typically hands free?

A: Hands free sinks (typically foot lever or infrared sensor) turn on and off the water without use of hands. This allows workers who are entering the cleanroom to wash their hands and have the water turnoff without having to touch the faucet controls with their clean hands.

Q: Why do I need a stainless steel cleanroom bench?

A: Stainless steel cleanroom benches are typically put in the gowning room so workers can sit down while they put on their cleanroom booties. Stainless steel does not particulate, is very durable and easy to clean so it is a popular choice for cleanroom furniture.

Q: What is a cleanroom door interlock?

A: Good cleanroom practice is to never open the both doors of the gown room as it will expose the cleanroom to the outside and let particulates enter the cleanroom. Door interlocks use magnetic locks and are programmed so if one door is open the other door is locked shut preventing both doors from being open at the same time.

Q: What is a cleanroom equipment mezzanine?

A: A cleanroom equipment mezzanine is a platform on top of the cleanroom that can be used for material storage, offices, or other purposes. A common application on higher class tight temperature and humidity controlled cleanrooms is to put air handlers, humidifiers and dehumidifier on the cleanroom mezzanine.

Q: What is a digital cleanroom Magnehelic gauge?

A: Cleanroom Magnehelic gauges are available with analog and digital readouts. The advantage of analog cleanroom Magnehelic gauges do not require electric power. Digital Magnehelic gauges require electric power and are used when cleanroom user want a digital readout or they want an electrical signal output from the Magnehelic gauge for a separate control system or monitoring system.

Q: What is a cleanroom UV disinfection lamp?

A: Cleanroom UV lamps are typically placed in cleanroom hoods to kill an germs in the hood. They are typically on timers so they only operate when no humans are in the room.

Q: What is a cleanroom ionizer system?

A: Cleanroom ionizer systems are used to reduce the amount of static inside the cleanroom. The friction of high velocity air passing thru HEPA filters in cleanrooms causes the static in the cleanroom that can cause contamination problems. Cleanroom ionizer systems put out the reverse polarity ions of the ions created by the HEPA filters – effectively cancelling them.

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