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Cleanroom Engineering

The large amount of facilities that American Cleanroom Systems® has completed allows us to effectively engineer your specific building requirements.

All of our designed and engineered cleanrooms meet classification requirements as well as any other project specific requirements.

Our staff are cleanroom engineering experts with years of experience to design and engineer your facility to meet the highest standards of performance and operation.

PC Screen with cleanroom CAD drawing

American Cleanroom Systems® Cleanroom Engineering Capabilities:

  • Drawing and Engineering calculations for permits
  • Professional Engineer review and stamp
  • AUTOCAD electronic design files
  • Cleanroom air turnover / cleanroom class
  • Make-up and exhaust air balance
  • Positive and negative pressure requirements
  • Contamination capture or exhaust
  • Heat Load : temperature and humidity control
  • Lighting requirements
  • Electrical load
  • LEED green design
  • Energy conservation systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Shop drawing
  • Construction schedule
  • Bill of Material
  • Final as built cleanroom class certification

Cleanroom Air Flow – Recirculating Modular Cleanroom

recirculating cleanroom

FAQs About Cleanroom Engineering

Q: What Are Cleanroom Structural Drawings?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offers PE (Professional Engineer) stamped cleanroom structural calcs and detailed drawings. The PE designs the cleanroom structural elements to meet local building codes and design load. The PE stamped calcs and detailed drawings are required to obtain the cleanroom building permits.

Q: What Are Cleanroom Mechanical Drawings?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offer PE (Profession Engineer) stamped cleanroom mechanical calcs and drawings. The PE designs the cleanroom mechanical (AC, heat, filtration, exhaust etc.) to meet the cleanroom temperature, humidity, and cleanroom classification requirements as well as local building codes. The PE stamped mechanical calcs and detailed drawings are required to obtain the cleanroom building permit.

Q: What Are Cleanroom Electrical Drawings?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offer PE (Profession Engineer) stamped cleanroom electrical calcs and drawings. The PE designs the cleanroom electrical system (lighting, outlets, conduit, electrical feeds etc.) to meet cleanroom electrical requirements as well as local building codes.  The PE stamped electrical drawings are required to obtain the cleanroom building permit.

Q: What Are Cleanroom Electrical Equipment UL Requirements?

A: American Cleanroom Systems only uses UL (Underwriters Laboratory) rated electrical equipment in its cleanrooms so as to comply with local building codes.

Q: What Are Cleanroom Title 24 Calcs?

A: Title 24 is CA energy code. American Cleanroom Systems can provide Title 24 calcs for your cleanroom project to obtain cleanroom building permits.

Q: What Is Cleanroom Air Conditioning (AC)?

A: Cleanrooms are typically net heat generators due to HEPA fan filter units, process heat load, people working in the cleanroom and lighting. In addition, cleanroom workers typically wear cleanroom coats, bouffant caps, shoe covers or bunny suits to prevent creating particulates when working in the cleanroom. Most cleanrooms have dedicated AC systems to maintain a controlled temperature environment and comfortable working temperature for the staff. DX systems are most common, but in larger cleanrooms, chillers are sometimes used. American Cleanroom Systems offers air conditioning systems for their modular cleanrooms.

Q: What Is Cleanroom Make Up Air?

A: In order to maintain positive pressure, the cleanroom must have source of make up air to replace air lost via exfiltration, door opening, and exhaust. This cleanroom make up air can be drawing from surrounding conditioned space or a dedicated make up air AC unit may be required if the customer wants to draw the air from outside the building. American Cleanroom Systems provides make up air systems as part of their design build process.

Q: What Is A Cleanroom Exhaust System?

A: Often a cleanroom will hold chemical fume hoods or equipment that require air to be exhausted to outside of the building. A dedicated fan and ducting system will be installed to draw this exhaust air out of the equipment and cleanroom.

Q: What Is Cleanroom Exhaust Filtration?

A: Sometimes the workers inside will be working with dangerous materials such as radioactive elements. American Cleanroom Systems can include either HEPA exhaust filtration or a BIBO (BagInBagOut) filter exhaust system will be used to capture the material before exhausting the air out of the cleanroom.

Q: What Are Cleanroom Footings?

A: When building a cleanroom, depending on the load on columns and the existing building foundation, it is sometimes necessary to add footings in the existing floor to increase the load bearing capacity.

Q: What Is Cleanroom Humidity Control?

A: Often the customer requires the humidity to stay within a certain range to meet their cleanroom FDA validation, cGMP or manufacturing requirements. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can be added to the AC system to add humidity control. 

Q: What Are Cleanroom Mezzanines?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offer equipment platforms for customers who want to store material on top of the cleanroom or when there is extensive AC equipment like air handlers that need to be located on top of cleanroom. American Cleanroom systems integrates the equipment platform into the modular cleanroom design to provide the most cost-effective solution.

Q: What Are Cleanroom Security Walls?

A: American Cleanroom Systems offer its “security” modular wall system which can only be disassembled from inside the cleanroom. Other cleanroom security options include non-removable door hardware, and tamper proof tape.

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