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Softwall Cleanrooms

American Cleanroom Systems® offers a full range of softwall cleanrooms to meet your specific needs:
  • 7’ to 30’ high
  • On casters or floor mounted
  • Partial or full softwall
  • Hepafilters, lighting, electrical, frame, and windows
  • Standard cleanroom or anti-static cleanroom vinyl
  • Solid vinyl or strip curtains
  • Blackout curtains
  • Incorporate existing walls or free-standing
  • Adjustable height softwall cleanroom

Recent American Cleanroom Systems® Softwall Projects

800 S.F. ISO-8 Softwall Cleanroom

  • 12 ft internal ceiling
  • Casters

288 S.F. Non-Classified Hybrid

  • Vinyl curtains and existing walls
  • One pass HEPA filtration

64 S.F. Class 100K

  • Telescoping legs (adjustable height)
  • Casters
  • Bolts for crane

400 S.F. Non-Classified Cleanroom

  • Government National Laboratory
  • 17’ high
  • Removable slot for crane access

288 S.F. Non-Classified Hybrid

  • Internal class 10K gown room
  • Equipment enclosure
  • Industrial VCT floor

FAQs About Softwall Cleanrooms

Q: What Is The Difference Between a Softwall and Hardwall Cleanroom?

A: Softwall cleanrooms use clear vinyl curtains instead rigid walls for the side of the cleanroom.

Q: Can I Air Condition My Softwall Cleanroom?

A: It is very rare to try to air condition a softwall cleanroom because they are typically one pass design. Any cool air put into softwall cleanroom would be lost as the air exhausts under the vinyl curtains to outside the cleanroom.

Q: Is There A Maximum Size Softwall I Can Move With Casters?

A: The steel or aluminum frame, HEPA fan filter units, ceiling tiles, lights and vinyl curtains all add up to significant weight. Typically, only small softwall cleanroom 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12 have casters and are considered movable.

Q: What Is A Strip Curtain?

A: Strip curtains are used for entrance into the softwall. They are typically 12” wide with 2” overlap. Employees just push the strip curtains out of the way to enter the cleanroom. They are manufactured from clear vinyl.

Q: Can I Get Softwall Curtains In Different Colors?

A: The vinyl curtains are commonly available in clear, white, amber, and black.

Q: What Is An Anti-static Softwall Curtain?

A: Anti-static softwall curtains are manufactured from special material that is supposed to dissipate static buildup and reduce amount of particles sticking to the curtain.

Q: What Are The Advantages of A Softwall Cleanroom?

A: Softwall cleanrooms are easy to assemble since they typically do not involve flooring, electrical, AC  or connection to existing building. Smaller size softwall cleanrooms can be mounted on casters and moved around factory.

Q: What Are The Disadvantages of A Softwall Cleanroom?

A: Since softwall cleanrooms are typically one pass they are not as clean as an equivalent recirculating cleanroom. It is also difficult to clean the vinyl curtains as they move when you touch them like a shower curtain. 

Q: How Much Do Softwall Cleanrooms Cost?

A: Softwall cleanrooms can be cheaper than modular cleanrooms or stick built cleanrooms since they typically do not include AC, flooring, or electrical outlets. However, on an apples to apples comparison they are similar in price since they must include HEPA filtration, aluminum frame and expensive vinyl curtains.

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