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Hybrid Cleanroom

A hybrid cleanroom combines existing stick built (standard construction) with modular construction.


  • Hybrid cleanrooms can be cost efficient on lower class ISO-7 (class 10k) or ISO-8 (class 100k) cleanrooms by using existing walls.
  • Hybrid cleanrooms can be installed in some locations that have too low existing ceiling height for a modular cleanroom.


  • Hybrid cleanrooms typically use ducting for air flow to HEPA fan filter units, mixing boxes and return air chases. This additional hardware raises the cost so hybrid cleanrooms are typically only used for ISO7 and ISO8 cleanrooms that have fewer HEPA fan filter units.
  • Hybrid cleanrooms are not as easily modified as some walls are not modular.
  • Modular cleanrooms are easy to upgrade to higher cleanroom classification since they have plenum to distribute air. Hybrid cleanrooms require additional ducting to add HEPA fan filter units.

FAQs About Hybrid Cleanrooms

Q: How do plumbing and gas lines work in hybrid cleanrooms?
A: In hybrid cleanrooms, the plumbing and gas lines are often run inside the standard construction walls.
Q: How can I improve cleanliness in my standard construction cleanroom and shorten wait time entering and exiting the cleanroom?
A: Adding modular gown room to existing standard construction cleanroom is a very easy way to achieve these cleanroom goals.
Q: How can I use hybrid cleanroom design to create more rooms in my standard built cleanroom?
A: Adding modular cleanroom wall and door in middle of existing standard construction cleanroom to create two rooms.
Q: How can hybrid cleanroom design reduce my cleanroom construction cost?
A: For lower-class cleanrooms, sometimes you can use existing gypsum board walls for the cleanroom by painting them with epoxy paint.
Q: Are their other hybrid cleanroom types beside modular – standard construction?
A: Combining clear vinyl soft walls with standard construction gyp-board walls is another type of hybrid cleanroom.
Q: I want a recirculating cleanroom but I have existing standard construction gyp-board walls in my space?
A: Modular low wall air returns can be combined with existing standard construction gyp-board walls to create an hybrid recirculating cleanroom. While return walls can be built with standard construction, using modular walls is much easier, cleaner, and faster.
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