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We are looking to build 2-3 new cleanrooms. ACS built us a cleanroom ~12 years ago when I was Director of Manufacturing Sciences. You did an excellent job.

Perry, 520 SF ISO7 Pharmaceutical, Gaithersburg MD

...It's been a pleasure to work with you and your crew. I hope that you give your guys a pat on the back because they worked very professionally, were very cooperative, very neat, and efficient. You guys definitely know your stuff. I will definitely utilize your service again...

Juan, 2,280 SF ISO-7/Class 10k medical device modular cleanroom, Los Angeles County, CA

You guys have done an amazing job on our cleanroom. I really appreciate the extra effort you have gone to help us thru this.

Ian, Aerospace 328 S.F. ISO8 Modular Cleanroom, Culver City, CA

I did my due diligence getting quotes from 4 companies and checking references. I recommended to my CEO we go with American Cleanroom Systems.

Jason, Implantable medical devices, 2,400 SF ISO-7 modular cleanroom, Chatsworth, CA

I’ve worked with multiple cleanroom companies. You guys clearly know what you are doing…

Rocky, Architect, 600 S.F. Class 1000 Modular Cleanroom, Seattle, WA

We ordered a cleanroom a little over a year ago from you guys and really liked it. We are expanding our company and would like to install another cleanroom in our new facility. (2018) The 2nd cleanroom looks great. Your team did a great job. (2020)

James, Sr. Medical Device Engineer, 112 S.F. ISO-7 and 1,000 S.F. ISO-7, Northvale, NJ

We have had 6 FDA audits this year. Two of them surprise. They always attack the cleanroom but it always passes with flying colors. Our cleanrooms are robust and have worked great since ACS installed them in 2003.

Eric, Implantable Medical Product, IS07 600 S.F. T RH Control, Woburn, MA

The cleanroom turned out great and the team here is pleased. It was a pleasure working with the ACS team. I really appreciate your support on getting this completed to meet our timeframe.

Joe, Medical Device 600 S.F. ISO7 Cleanroom, Irvine CA

You were easy to work with and very knowledgeable about cleanrooms. We are very pleased with our new cleanroom. Your crew was very efficient and installed the cleanroom very quickly.

Guillermo 288 S.F. Class 100k Santa Clarita, CA

We are very happy with your product. Our cleanroom looks beautiful. We really like it.

Manny, Medical consumables, ISO8 2607 S.F. Fairfield, NJ

Excellent job. Your installers were clean, organized and worked very fast. I am very happy with final results: our new cleanroom.

LJ 252 S.F. Industrial Class 100k Fremont CA

The cleanroom turned out awesome. You guys did a great job. We are really pleased with it.

Crawford 1,102 S.F. ISO-8 Oakland, CA

The install went very well! As always, John is a pleasure to work with. Thank you for coordinating our schedules with us. We are running production as of this morning, just as planned!

Dan, Medical Device 3,000 S.F. Class 10k NJ

Good quality clean rooms at reasonable prices, and you guys were easy to work with.

Gayle, Medical Device, 5 ISO7 and 4 ISO8 cleanrooms over past 10 years totaling 9,681 S.F. , Laguna Niguel, CA

Building looks great by the way, your installers are a good group and are very clean.

Mark, Industrial ISO8 192 S.F. Galt, CA

You gave me the confidence that you understand your business. Your response and reaction time to each iteration was immediate and correct. I definitely will work with you in future projects.

Juergen R&D 930 SF Class 10k, 2,051 SF Class 10k, 675 SF Class 10k, 4,426 SF Class 100, 830 SF Class 1000, 1,458 SF Class 1000

Your people here doing the installation have been a pleasure to work with. They keep the area clean, neat and well organized. They are very sensitive to our daily operations and have not created any disruptions, they are very accommodating. Very professional.

Harold, 728 SF Class 100 Maine

We first purchased a cleanroom from you about 5 years ago. At the time, we researched a lot of options and found that your system was the most cost and time effective. For this last round of cleanrooms, I didn’t really look anywhere else.

Ryan Biotech 200 S.F. ISO9, 1,575 S.F. ISO8, 900 S.F ISO8, Moss Landing CA

We liked what we saw at (another project), being custom built and neat looking with colored insert panels…You also seemed more knowledgeable about your product and clean rooms in general. Beautiful cleanroom. We are very happy with it.

Larry 1,536 S.F. Class 100k Industrial Grand Rapids, MI

…my past experiences working with ACS. Modular walls made sense for getting large equipment into place after the facility was built. I like the FRP systems for durability.

Tom 650 SF ISO7 Med device, 594 SF ISO7 Biotech San Diego, 476 SF ISO7 Biotech, 322 SF ISO8 R&D San Diego 2,855 S.F ISO7 Pharma, Oceanside CA

Prior company experience with your firm through other (our company) affiliated organizations.

Jim Medical 128 S.F. ISO5 Baltimore MD, 128 S.F. ISO5 Orlando FL, 198 S.F. ISO5 San Antonio TX

I selected ACS for our modular cleanroom application based on Product Quality and Price. I discussed the options available from each of the companies I had quote the project. I felt ACS had the best solution for our needs.

Vic 384 S.F. IS07 Medical device, Salem MA

We purchased a modular cleanroom from American almost a decade ago. Choosing American provided us the quality and trouble free use needed to stay competitive. Having someone reliable provide us assistance for our adaptions over the years.

Scott 5,000 S.F. Class 10k Industrial, Huntington Beach, CA

Price competitive. Everyone I spoke with was very pleasant to deal with. Prompt responses to our needs.

Randy 192 S.F non classified Food Industry, San Antonio, TX

Clean room design options, 2. Easy to work with, 3. Recommended by a colleague. The team loves the clean room and it’s a beautiful structure for everyone to look at.

Gary 140 S.F. ISO7 Biotechnology, Woodland Hills, CA

Proximity was a factor, however we definitely appreciated the education/information that you and your team openly gave to us. I think it makes a difference to do business with good people as opposed to just the group with the lowest price.

Nedal 448 S.F ISO8 E-Liquid, Lake Forest, CA

Number one reason was technical aptitude of Charlie. Number 2 – good website

Jared 784 S.F. ISO8 GMP Pharmaceutical , Petaluma, CA

For ongoing repairs we wanted to source a local company to do our installation and future expansions of the cleanroom. We chose ACS to do the additions because we were happy with the initial work done.

Colbey E-liquid 275 SF ISO8, Culver City CA , 885 S.F ISO8 Inglewood CA, 1,592 S.F. ISO8 Inglewood CA

We love our new cleanroom. It is working great.

Patrick E-liquid 600 S.F. ISO8, Garden Grove CA

American provided Wyle Laboratories with a soft sided class 10k cleanroom…Their first rate service was always supported by the highest quality product and skilled personnel…

Craig 1,200 S.F. Class 10k Edward AFB

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