Protect Against Contaminants and Germs.
Install a Cleanroom in Your House.

Used in hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing to keep out germs and contaminants.

99.99% at 0.3u HEPA filtered air. This ISO 7 cleanroom cleans the air 60 times per hour reducing particle counts by a factor of 500.

8x8x7’ high (other sizes available)

Starting at $19,995 installed.

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  1. Flooring
  2. Other sizes 8×12, 8×16, 10×20
  3. 8’ and 10’ ceilings
  4. Electrical outlets
  5. LED flat panel lighting and light switch
  6. Additional windows
  7. 2×2 pass thru with acrylic doors and mechanical interlock
  8. Exhaust filtration via HEPA FFU for self-quarantine rooms
  9. Aluminum storefront door
  10. Magnehelic gauge to measure room positive pressure

Home Cleanroom FAQ

How Do I Get Power and Light Into the Cleanroom?

There is an opening for you to run a power strip into the room. Or you can select the optional electrical package which includes lighting, light switch duplex outlet, and electrical cord which plugs into standard 110V outlet.  Add $935

Are Their Special Electrical Requirements for the Cleanroom?

The HEPA FFU comes with an electrical cord that plugs into a standard 110V electrical outlet.

Do I Need a Special Flooring for the Cleanroom?

The cleanroom can be placed on almost any flooring (tile, laminate, hardwood, epoxy, concrete). We do not recommend installing on carpeting. You can select the optional flooring package 8×8 which provides a temporary base flooring on top of your existing flooring.  Add $1,495

How Is the Cleanroom Installed?

Our factory crew will come to your house to install. They will work under social isolation rules – wearing masks and gloves, disinfecting all material and tools before bringing them into your house, maintaining 6 ft distance from others. Typical install time is 2 days.

What Is the Lead Time for My Home Cleanroom?

Current lead time is 2 weeks from receipt of deposit to start of install.

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