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5 Reasons to Purchase a Turnkey Complete Cleanroom

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Reason 1

Buying a turnkey cleanroom means your design build modular cleanroom supplier (like American Cleanroom Systems) will take care of everything. Cleanroom walls, cleanroom ceiling, HEPA filtration, cleanroom lighting, cleanroom flooring, cleanroom doors, cleanroom AC and cleanroom electrical wiring are all included.

Reason 2

Buying a turnkey cleanroom means no finger pointing by different parties if something does not work correctly. American Cleanroom Systems is responsible for design and build so we fix it. We have been designing, manufacturing, and installing turnkey complete cleanrooms since 1976 so we have the expertise to do it right the first time. Most architects and general contractors have very little experience building cleanrooms.  With standard construction the architect designs the cleanroom and throws the plans over the wall to general contractors to bid. The lowest bidder general contractor hires a different contractor to do each element. The general contractor blames the architect’s design if something does not work. The architect blames the general contractor or subcontractor for building it wrong.

Reason 3

Buying a Turnkey modular cleanroom means you don’t have to find and deal with nine different contractors.  If you decide to build a cleanroom yourself you need to hire an architect to draw it up, an engineer to design the AC and filtration systems, then hire drywall, painters, ceiling installers, HVAC, electrician, flooring installer, and testing firm to certify the cleanroom.

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Reason 4

Buying a turnkey modular cleanroom will mean the installation will go faster. American Cleanroom Systems has a dedicated factory team of experienced cleanroom installers that will quickly assemble your modular cleanroom. The negative pressure plenum significantly reduces the amount of AC ducting that needs to be installed and the modular walls built-in electrical raceway makes the installation of electrical outlets, light switches, and data ports a breeze.

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Reason 5

Buying a turnkey modular cleanroom means less disruption and construction dirt in your factory or job site.   Modular cleanroom components are prefabricated and cut to the final size at our factory. This means there is a little messy on-site cutting. Second, because the components are prefabricated and the negative pressure plenum design, the installation of a modular turnkey cleanroom can take less than one-third of the time as conventional construction.

Author Anthony Chien has building modular cleanrooms at American Cleanroom Systems since 2013. He is an expert on pharmaceutical cleanrooms, medical device cleanrooms and industrial cleanrooms. Anthony has a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Illinois. He started working in cleanrooms in 1984 and is a member of IEEE, IEST, and the Green Building Council.

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