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Cleanroom Installation: What to Expect

septiembre 20, 2022

The beauty of modular cleanrooms is all components are prefabricated in the factory so on-site assembly is very fast. Installation can be as little as one-third the time of conventional stick-built construction. There is no on-site cutting, plastering, or painting required which results in a very clean install process. The modular cleanroom is just screwed together on-site.

First, the modular cleanroom material is delivered by flatbed truck from American Cleanroom Systems factory. The load is tarped to keep it clean during transit. Be sure to have your forklift ready to unload the truck and have an area near the cleanroom site to store the material.

The install area needs to be free and clear for install. The American Cleanroom Systems Modular cleanroom walls are quickly erected by our factory crew. Installation is very clean since all panels and aluminum extrusions are precut to size in the factory. Wall options include melamine, FRP, painted aluminum and stainless steel.

Next, the cleanroom roof deck is screwed on top of American Cleanroom Systems modular walls to form a structural member and top of the cleanroom negative pressure plenum. The t-grid ceiling, HEPA fan filter units, electrical conduit, and sprinklers will be suspended from the roof deck. The modular cleanroom is laterally braced to the existing building to meet the building code.

The cleanroom T-grid ceiling, HEPA filtration, and cleanroom LED flat panel lights are installed next. The plastic covers are left on the HEPA fan filter units until the cleanroom is ready to be turned on.

Next cleanroom air conditioning is installed. The Air handler typically goes on the roof of the modular cleanroom and the condenser outside of the building on the roof or ground. Other options include humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The air conditioning supply is ducted into the plenum to ensure that the only air that enters the cleanroom is HEPA-filtered air.

Finally, cleanroom epoxy or heat-welded vinyl flooring is installed.

After a final clean, your American Cleanroom Systems modular cleanroom is now ready for testing.

If you want to learn more, watch our Solid Works video of modular cleanroom installation.

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Why American Cleanroom Systems

American Cleanroom Systems has been building quality modular cleanrooms since 1976. We specialize in Design Build Cleanrooms. Our staff has more than 150 years combined cleanroom experience. Our blue-chip customer list includes Allergan, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Regeneron, NASA, Los Alamos National Labs, Oak Ridge National Lab, Apple, Boeing, Intel, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. From ISO5-ISO8, class 100-100k, with temperature, humidity and ESD control, American Cleanroom Systems is your Design Build cleanroom expert. We manufacture our modular cleanrooms in Rancho Santa Margarita CA and install them nationally. Quotes in 48 hours. 949-589-5656.

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