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Eight Tips To Expedite Your Cleanroom Design Build

agosto 29, 2022

Congratulations – you are building a cleanroom. In order to keep your cleanroom project – on time, on budget and ensure it meets all technical requirements we have put together eight tips.

Tip One

Start early on your cleanroom project.  Depending on size and classification of cleanroom it can take anywhere from two to twelve months to design, manufacture and install a modular cleanroom. In 2021 and 2022 material shortages and extended lead times played havoc with many cleanroom schedules.

Tip Two

Budget sufficient time if you are getting building permits.  You will need to hire 3rd party to do submittals for items like existing building, parking, bathrooms, ADA, emissions, chemical storage and other non-cleanroom items. Cleanroom mechanical, electrical, structural, energy code PE stamped drawings and calcs will have to be submitted.  Getting building permits typically add anywhere from two to 6 months to the cleanroom timeline depending on local planning office.

Tip Three

Cleanroom Design - Come up with clear set of technical requirements – cleanroom classification, size, HVAC, cleanroom flooring, and wall chemical resistance. Identify size and process heat load of equipment going into cleanroom.  Understand your cleanroom material and personnel flows. If medical device or pharmaceutical cleanroom, make sure you are complying with your FDA validation or CGMP needs.

Tip Four

Choose competent reputable cleanroom design build company. Technical expertise to design your custom cleanroom. Many suppliers with 20+ years of experience. Make sure they have design build similar cleanrooms. Interview cleanroom suppliers to make sure their quote is going to meet all your technical needs.  Make sure they have capacity to manufacture and assemble your cleanroom in your time frame.  Do they manufacture and stock critical cleanroom elements or are they dependent on third parties. Do they have general contractor’s license. Do they have their own cleanroom install crews? Can they supply PE stamped drawings and calcs for the cleanroom to allow you to get building permits in your state? How long is cleanroom warranty?

Tip Five

Review cleanroom quotes carefully to make sure they include everything you need for the project. Spend extra time reviewing exclusions on cleanroom quote as you will have to hire somebody to does this work separately. Understand where cleanroom equipment and material are being manufactured.  Is all cleanroom material new and complies with local building code. How long will it take to manufacture and install the cleanroom. Who will do the installation – specially trained factory cleanroom installers or local subcontractors?  Is all cleanroom electrical equipment UL listed?  Products coming from overseas often do not meet local building codes.

Tip Six

Pre-cleanroom install site preparation for cleanroom design build is critical. Often the cleanroom floor concrete slab must be trenched for plumbing, footings installed for columns or moisture barrier installed. Electrical feeds and panels to support cleanroom must be defined and installed. Preparation for cleanroom AC unit. It is unfortunately not uncommon that American Cleanroom Systems is has material ready to start install but has wait because the cleanroom job site is not ready.

Tip Seven

Spend time reviewing the design build cleanroom shop drawing before you approve it. Look at the locations of windows, doors, light switches, electrical outlets, pass thru(s) on the cleanroom drawings. Have all stake holders involved in cleanroom design review. Cleanroom change orders much more expensive the modifications done at design stage. Replacement cleanroom material, shipping charges, and rework all make up the cost of a change order.  Modular cleanroom install goes very fast. Cleanroom change orders can add significant cost and delay the project.

Tip 8

Be sure electrical feed is ready, AC is operational, and exhaust system is completed by the time your design build cleanroom supplier has completed the cleanroom. This will allow your design build cleanroom to be “As Built” particle tested and ready for use immediately.

Why American Cleanroom Systems

American Cleanroom Systems has been building quality modular cleanrooms since 1976.  We specialize in Design Build Cleanrooms. Our staff has more than 150 years combined cleanroom experience. Our blue-chip customer list includes Allergan, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Regeneron, NASA, Los Alamos National Labs, Oak Ridge National Lab, Apple, Boeing, Intel, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. From ISO5-ISO8, class 100-100k, with temperature, humidity and ESD control, American Cleanroom Systems is your Design Build cleanroom expert. We manufacture our modular cleanrooms in Rancho Santa Margarita CA and install them nationally.  Quotes in 48 hours.  949-589-5656.

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